It's today.

I could wallpaper over it and write to you about last nights dinner instead, but I'm not like that.
I don't blog for sponsorship or money, to make friends or to impress people.
I write down what is happening in my life and how I'm doing.
Some days I need this.

Today is moving day.

The last few days have been difficult.
The 2nd would have been my mum's birthday- always a tough day.

This morning the kids are up and have gone to get a van.
They get the keys to their house at 11 and start moving in then.
This afternoon their new sofa arrives.
GD wants to clean through and organise/unpack as much as possible today.  
She has taken three days off work: son-in-law is on leave all this week.
MW and I will have the babies for a couple of days. 
Then Thursday is our first day just as a couple!

eBay sales are going well, but I need to see the house without all the boxes, etc., so I can see what else to list.

Our moving plans are coming together nicely.
We could easily stay where we are, but the house really is too big (4 bedrooms for one couple?) and it's rented.
Our plan is to buy something small for ourselves.

We don't want a mortgage or a loan, so are concentrating on building up the funds.

And on that happy note - I'm getting up and dressed and ready to meet the day.


  1. A big day and big changes. It'll be very hard but there will be big rewards, I am convinced of that. You are right - four bedrooms is not necessary, even with family visits now and again. Good luck with all your plans for the future, immediate and further ahead.
    Much love
    J x

  2. Big changes for you and Man Wonderful then Tracey, tis all steps in life's adventure m'dear.

  3. Thinking of you all. Big hugs for the next few weeks xx

  4. hope your ok...difficult time but exciting for you and your chap as well as the little family

    take care tessa

  5. Big changes all round but at the same time exciting times ahead for all concerned. I remember getting the keys to our first home. There's nothing quite like having your own place and Just think of all those lovely sleepovers the grandchildren will be able to have with you. xx

  6. Hope it all goes well and all of you adjust to the big changes.


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