A great day out!

Today Man Wonderful and I set our alarm and once awake, set off to North Devon, to finally meet Rachel Radio Star and her family!
I've been blogging a number of years, and Rachel was one of the first people I 'met' online all those years ago.
We've 'chatted' online, and when I got sick, our friendship stepped over into reality and Rachel phoned and texted me throughout my recovery.
I count her amongst my friends.
We send each other bits and bobs in the post, text and chat online, 

and today we finally met!!

This was our grin as we separated from the massive H-U-G we gave each other:

We ate a lunch with her gorgeous chap (he's tall, like Man Wonderful is), and her lovely children (tall, handsome young man and adorable daughter with beautiful eyes and a smile as pretty as her mum's).

And we had posh chips  in a bucket!!!

Look at that grub: seriously yummy!

Rachel and I did not stop talking; I promise!

Lunchtime just whizzed by.
It had been a bit drizzly this morning, but the sky cleared and so we decided to pootle off to:

I last came here when I was a pre-schooler, and so, 40 years later here I was again!

We talked. And giggled. And laughed. And chatted.

And just had THE best time!

This is me being fed a carrot. Rachel is behind with the blue and yellow saddle on her back :-P ha ha!

I'll be honest - the walk down was not easy (the walk was sooo steep and my arse hurt), and I wasn't looking forward to the walk back up after; but being with these guys just made it fun.

But there was something very, very weird about today: it did not feel like the first time we'd met. 
Not at all. 
It was like meeting a bezzy mate for a fab day out.
Which is really, what happened.

Until next time.


  1. I'm glad you both had such a wonderful time! I'm sure it won't be the last time either.
    J x

  2. Fabulous! That is so lovely... so pleased it was great :) xxx

  3. That is lovely - I have just read her version of the day - what a great meeting and what a lovely day

  4. I'm feeling all aglow with loveliness!

  5. It's great that the both of you had such a good time m'dear.

  6. sounds a lovely day food and scenery looks fab....perhaps you are both kindered spirits that were friends in another life....all great fun

    thankyou for sharing tessa

  7. Great photos, glad you had such a fabulous time.

  8. Looks like a great day out. I remember the walk up that hill in Clovelly very well :-) Loving the posh chips in a bucket.
    Lynda x

  9. Sounds like an awesome day with great friends and loved ones x

  10. How wonderful for you both. Sounds like you had a fab day x


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