100th post giveaway!! Be in it to win it!!

This time around of blogging, I've reached the sum of 99 posts, and tomorrow will be the 100th!

If you'd like to be in with the chance of a parcel of loveliness delivered to your door, from little me, all you need to do is:

1) Become a follower of this blog (people who already follow can enter, too!)
2) Write a comment below today's blogpost (this one), saying what type of blogposts you like to read from me the most - family ones, recipes, craft ideas, etc..
3) That's it!

Tomorrow I'll draw one person using a random generator app and that person will need to message me with their postal address (that I will not publish, and will not keep a copy of) for me to post a parcel of loveliness!

The parcel will contain; some things handmade by me, some craft items that you can use or give away, and some items of gorgeousness!


If you'd like to have this parcel of loveliness?  You know what to do!!


  1. How exciting! I am already a follower and so enjoy your posts...I really missed you when you were absent for a while. I love your honesty and pretty much everything you post. I would be hard pressed to single out a favourite. I used to love your big dog posts, enjoy hearing about the family, the crafts...you see I can't choose one thing...except... I love your down to earth and honest approach to blogging, good and not so good days rather than a saccharine sweet version of perfection.

  2. Hi Tracey
    Congratulations on reaching your 100th post on your new blog. I always enjoyed your old blog and missed you when it ended, so was delighted when I found you again.
    I really enjoy reading your craft posts and especially posts about those gorgeous babies.
    Have a lovely day!

  3. Not sure I fit as I'm already following but, just in case, I'm like Ellen, I like them all. I just enjoy reading about the ups and downs of your normal, everyday life with a few twists thrown in. Congratulations on reaching post 99 with 100 coming up! :-)
    J x

  4. Well done on the 100th second time round. I enjoy all your posts as I like reading about everyday life of normal people ( rather than so called celebs!)
    Already following and very excited in case I might win!

  5. Hi, I'm already a follower. I only found you a short time ago and read this blog from the beginning. I didn't know about your old blog. I have enjoyed reading everything that you post. Love to read about your everyday activities what ever the subject matter is.

  6. Well I've just joined your blog. I like to read about other people's real lives especially anything that I like doing as well eg gardening, craft work, frugal living and simple living. Trying to learn more so that when I hopefully retire I can extend our budget by growing some food, spending my money more thriftily and perhaps selling some of my crafts somewhere. I'm also thinking about setting up my own blog as well but don't really do a lot to post about at the moment as I work 4 days a week.

    Congratulations on a lovely blog and your 100th post.

    Pat in Norwich

  7. i like all things food...planning/shopping list/tales of cooking/pics/stretching a budget/feeding the family...i like the craft pics and of course the knitting such an art form

    i love how honest you are and how real with ups and downs like we all have

    regards tessa

  8. I was happy when you returned. I see your blog as something very similar to a penpal's update. I looked forward to those letters from far away places and a glimpse into another world.

    What I do like is even when you are down, you are more upbeat and seem content with the changes you've made in your life.

    for a long time many blogs focussed on how broke the writer was.. I'm all for sharing tips but for a while, it was like "my life is worse than yours and I'm better than you than scrimping".

    I'm glad those days are gone.

  9. Hi, I'm just nosy, so I like the posts about your family, especially as you post all the ups & downs & don't just post the good stuff.

  10. To be honest I don't like any of your posts....

    I love them!

  11. I love all your posts because they are always real. Most of all , I like how you talk about your health issues and how you live with them with nosign of self pity or poor me attitude.

  12. Hello, great to see the blog post numbers rising. I follow this blog already as I used to follow your old one as well. I love the blogs about crafts ( especially the "C word ones" and the ones about how you have lived with GD and the littlies. Fingers crossed. Lynda x

  13. I like your honesty about your ups and downs and the fact that it isn't a taboo subject. I have family members who suffered mental illness ( sadly one was shunned by many until he was diagnosed with untreatable lung cancer, then they were all over him like a rash because having cancer was ' acceptable' whereas being sectioned wasn't).

  14. I enjoy all your posts, the ups and downs, real life indeed. I missed you a lot when you took a break.
    I love the stories of your days out and the children's adventures, the grown ones and the kiddos.
    I wish you well, you and all your family.
    Pam in TX.xx

  15. I just recently found your blog and enjoyed reading all of your previous posts. I enjoy and look forward to your posts as I do enjoy the real life, good and not as good. I do enjoy post on crafts and ideas for my home. But I also enjoy blogs sharing their frugal ways. I receive your blogs posts via e-mail. I wish you only the best. Ranee MN

  16. I like all your posts, I liked your last blog and I'm so pleased that I found this one. You make me want to be brave and chat to world outside xx

  17. It was good to see you back again, I find it hard to realise that it has been 99 posts. The realness of all your posts is what keeps me reading. there all too many bloggers out there telling us how wonderful their lives/homes/family and finances are. I make booboos and am ready to own up. Just keep on as you are and we will all be happy.

  18. How exciting I love all of your posts, mostly crafting and frugal food, thanks


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