My summer holiday 2015

Where've I been?

To some sun-drenched beach, toes dug deep in the spotless sand?


Shopping in Milan, perhaps?  Sitting with a cappuccino outside in the sun


I haven't even been walking in Scotland...

No, I've been to Ourgate!
You know, Ourgate.
Next to our house...

In years gone by, Man Wonderful and I spent many happy summers, with friends too, in Carnac in France.  We started going every summer from 2000. 
At first we camped with a teeny tent, then we flirted with a touring caravan, then lastly we used a huge family tent that would sleep 8.
We introduced many folk to the area and holidayed happily with them as chums.
And met lots of lovely folk there too.

GD learned to swim in France on holiday and how to ride her bike, too.
When I got sick, we still went on holiday there and MW didn't leave my side. 

We didn't go last year as GD was due to have her baby at the end of August, and as he came a month early, it's just as well we were at home!
This year the kids moved house and GD's chap is moving his place of work.

So no summer hol away for us.
But that hasn't meant no summer holiday.

We've seen the kids and grandkids everyday.
We've had HM picnics, a couple of lunches out, and spent blissful hours together.

So no.
No Carnac beach holiday for us again this year, but what a fabulous time we've had.


  1. Looks like your holiday was the absolute best know, with family that love your company. Who needs that going abroad malarkey - even on a 'budget'!!

  2. It looks like it need to go abroad to have fun!

  3. I haven't been abroad for a holiday since I was 21 and, you know, I don't intend to either. Home and this island of ours are both wonderful.
    J x

  4. Looks great fun and no huge pile of washing for when you get home. X

  5. sounds very pleasant...amazing what nice things are in the local area...nice to sleep in your own bed as well

  6. Simple pleasures are always the best m'dear, and time with loved ones is always special.

  7. It all looks good fun and doesn't look as though you missed out on anything by staying home. We spent many holidays at Ourgate when I was little. Kerbside Edge was another favourite destination too :) xx

  8. and there is nothing better than your own bed and pillow every night!

  9. I recently wrote a piece for our local paper about holidaying at home - you really can't beat it, no hassle, no airports, no packing, but the secret is to prepare the home for a holiday, clean it, make it nice to come home to, eat out as much as you can (after all, you've not spent any money on a hotel or B&B or flight or even much petrol) and visit the places that you always meant to visit but never have, local attractions, parks, museums, galleries, wild life centres, historic houses, gardens, etc. You will be refreshed and your bank balance won't have suffered too much, either. We last had a holiday 'away' nine years ago, and we've not missed going away ... but this year we had three days in Cornwall in July (not to be repeated, the hotel wasn't worth the exhorbitant expense, and Mevagissy needs not only a lick of paint but a total makeover; peeling paint and litter isn't quaint, it's slummy) and three days in a B&B on the Somerset Levels which was lovely. Yes, folks, after all those devastating floods, Somerset is open for business again. Our Garden was our favourite destination, though, with Our Summerhouse providing shelter when it rained (and very good food from Our Kitchen with a little help from Our Waitrose!)
    Margaret P
    PS No hardship in not going away; we live by the seaside ... I should've perhaps mentioned that!


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