What have I created..?

GD has officially flown the coop, and set up her own nest with the husband and the two babies.
I was very worried that I wouldn't see them.
They've been over every day so far...!
On Saturday I had a 'Can we come for a roast tomorrow, mum?'
To which I said 'of course!' and not just because Son-in-law's roasties are to die for... (and his yorkshires...)

Then on Sunday, Man Wonderful and I did a car boot sale (got rid of a lot of stuff and lined our pockets with cash: thank you very much!) and afterwards I got quite excited, and this conversation ensued:

Me:  Ooh! We've got people coming for dinner, should I get a dessert at Tescos?
Man Wonderful: We haven't got people coming for dinner; the kids invited themselves for tea!

But as for the title of today's blogpost?
GD has only gone and started knitting her first pair of socks!!

When they came over, and the babies were playing happily, she snuck in my craft cupboard and 'borrowed' some yarn and my spare sock needles, and asked me to show her how to knit the socks I'm currently making! 

While hubby is away this week she wants to learn the basics - as she lives the other side of the city, I'm glad we get free messages on our mobiles!

I promise pictures of her progress...


  1. It's a delight when that happens, isn't it? For the last two weeks, daughter and I have worked happily alongside each other, quilting, sewing and generally having a wonderfully crafty time together. Like mum, like daughter. A great way to feed a relationship! We even share a sewing machine now.
    I'm sure you will get as much out of it as I do and I'm glad for you both.
    (er - it won't be long before she is better than I am!)
    J x

  2. I have a long way to go...three times I've tried to teach the daughter how to knit. To no avail!


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