I have a summer holiday job while the school I work at is closed for the summer vacation.
No, not a conventional summer job like cleaning caravans or welcoming tourists.
It's all part of this exciting thing I'm getting ready to tell you all about.
Part of the big picture.
My summer job is being an eBay seller.

I'm slowly working my way through the house, decluttering the things we just don't need/don't want anymore, and listing them for sale.  
And it's going well.

I've sold some quite unusual things.
And I've got lots of things yet to put in my little shop.

Anyone else sell on eBay? Any tips?
Anyone with a summer job?


  1. Hi, I'm one of your "old readers" so glad to have found you again. I see you now have two grandchildren- that's so lovely. I hope all is well and look forward to reading again. xxx

  2. I'm glad your things are going well. i suspect my old stuff is much too tatty to sell!
    J x

  3. i do hope your ok with the move...thinking of you

    regards tessa


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