It helps to be prepared...

Apologies if you're new to my blog...

Regular followers need no apology!

Yes, I'm one of those irritating people for whom the hottest day of the year so far has me planning for - Christmas!!

(It's only 139 sleeps, you know...)

So here we are, sat with the windows open and a fan on, and I'm making my Christmas cards.

I know, I know...

But I thought you'd like to see them, nevertheless!

Homemade, thrifty and frugal (blah blah) but easy to make and I think they are jolly effective:

I'm using up buttons from the stash and blank cards.  
Simple but effective!

I'm actually getting ahead for next academic year as these are for my class, and I'm making their birthday cards, too.
I have a class of 25 and it would get jolly expensive buying cards for them all; which is why I make mine, and probably why most teachers don't give out birthday and Christmas cards.
And that's a shame.

The blank card pack cost me under £4 for 50 cards with envelopes, and I already have loads of buttons.
It's just a couple of hours of my time to make them, and I'm set up for the year!

Here's one of the birthday designs:


I'm off to watch James Bond with my knitting (and Man Wonderful!).

More tomorrow!


  1. Very clever - I love them!
    J x

  2. I think your cards are fantastic! There's nothing wrong with getting ahead - I have a box of Christmas presents already bought and waiting to be wrapped. Now that's the real trick - wrapping them early instead of leaving it all until December and ruining the effect of my early start! xx

  3. Hi. I am a forward planner and prepper when it comes to Christmas. I love love love decorating and mine go up the first week of November. However, I start thinking about food and festivities at the beginning of October. I have a planner normally and keep on going lists of presents to buy, things to make and have a calendar of everything that needs doing. I make my cake at the beginning of November and also the minced meat for my mince pies. Check out my blog for any Christmas fix youi might need!

  4. i wish i could buy a bottle of your keenness for christmas...a chore imo hard work and knackering arent a ray of sunshine...your cards are lovely i once received a handmade card from an art teacher friend lovely i put it in a frame

    your cards are great really lovely your very clever

    take care tessa

  5. Love the cards, The birthday ones are such a clever idea

  6. Hi Tracey,what a great idea to use the buttons!they made great cards :)I love all things Christmas too!
    Nessa xxx

  7. Love the cards. So simple but effective.


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