Thank you!

Thank you for the lovely comments and messages this week: it's been really, really lovely to know that real people genuinely care.

The kids are all moved in.  

Little lad turned one and loved his birthday!

Little lady has chicken pox (this picture taken before the spots) but is doing well so far not to scratch..

eBay sales are doing well. 
I have a house to clean through and will re-arrange the furniture that the kids have left!

I'm de-cluttering like mad, though, ready for our big adventure later in the year.

Enjoy your day today, whatever you are doing!



  1. Lovely photos of your littlies. Hoping the spots aren't too itchy and don't get any worse, bless her.
    Enjoy your de-cluttering! :-)
    J x

  2. Lovely pictures, Tracey - it's a big adjustment for you all. Is that one of your homemade quilts behind Little Lady?

  3. so glad you posted have been thinking about must be very proud of gd family and yourself for coping in such a fine fashion...

    regards tessa

  4. So glad it all went smoothly. We are readjusting to having graduates home again having completed their degrees. I love them dearly but with them both away on trips at the moment and the house with just hubby and myself, we are realising just how much we had got used to the freedom we had when they were away studying. Both are looking for work, one for a year before post graduate study (his is a conversion course and because of the cost will be studying locally) which means another four years at home all told, and the other to save for a deposit on a house purchase with her partner. In an effort to give them their own 'adult' space after living independently I am deconstructing my craft room and turning it into a space for them to have as their own TV, games, study area. There is a mountain of 'stuff' that has come back from 3 years of living away from home and too much craft hoarding of mine. De cluttering is daunting isn't it when there is so much. Once started I know the unwanted or unrequited will find new homes via car boot, gumtree or CS...I just need to crack on. Hey ho, life! Love them, love them but holidays alone with hubby are now rather special. Thinking of you as you step out into this next phase. Good luck with the sorting and clearing. Xx

  5. Congratulations on the smooth move they certainly look happy :) pleased for you all. Hope the little lady feels better soon, happy birthday for the little boy and good luck for the rest of the summer sorting x

  6. What a lovely happy picture, best wishes to you all.
    Another chapter opens, bringing all good things.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Love from Pam in TX.xx


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