Of strangers...random acts name it, there's just not enough of it around, is there?

It's always been my little mission to exude kindness wherever I go. (Fabulous word: exude.)

It makes my freaking day when someone is kind towards me.
Leaves me tingling and warm and fuzzy. 

Take yesterday, for example:
We took the grandkids to a local town for a few hours.
GD was at work, and the eldest of the babies needed new wellies.
We often pop to this lovely place as there is a great shoe shop for tiddlers (we're sticklers for ensuring small feet are measured).  We park outside the town and have a lovely walk in alongside a gushing weir.  
But I digress...
So we arrived at the car park.
I thought it was one of those text-to-park ones; you know, where you pay online? 
But the meter needed actual coins. 
And we didn't have the right pennies.....bugger!
We had folding money, and a £1 coin, but needed two £1 coins..
So MW popped over to the meter machine where there were a couple of drivers paying to park, to ask if anyone had change.
I busied myself with getting a toddler and a baby out of the car and into suitable pushing/walking/carrying gear, as well as the change bag and other accoutrements that go with small people and their daily care.
It seemed that as soon as we were strapped safely in and ready to go, that MW came back to the car with the sad news that we would not be able to stay as we needed another £1 coin, and nobody had change...we would have to get back in the car and go to get some change then come back ...(you can imagine the kerfuffle)...
And at that point, the lady who had just arrived next to us in the car park said, 
"Here, have this one on me!", and handed us a £1 coin!
We were very grateful, as you can imagine!

When we came back frm the shops, I wrapped a £1 coin in paper and trapped this under her windscreen wiper along with a small bunch of local pinks I'd bought at the market.

She'd saved us a huge amount of bother - and the tears of a toddler.
I know it was only £1, but it was her kindness that made a difference.

We live in a world with too much unkindness.
Let's make it our mission to practice as many tiny acts of kindness towards other people as we can, and have a quiet revolution. 
Whatever you're doing today, have a good one. :-)


  1. You're right. I wish people realised that you get the best interest possible on kindness. Forget money (well, no, don't, but . . .) and start investing in kindness instead.
    J x

  2. What a lovely thing to do, the kindness of strangers is really uplifting sometimes, isn't it? And lovely of you to pay her back and buy her flowers, too. Warm fuzzies all round! :)

  3. What a beautiful story.

    I also try very hard to pass a kindness on. It will come back to you tenfold.

    Have a blessed day.

  4. i love this that is a great story of sharing kindness...very uplifting


  5. What a lovely story and so inspiring.

  6. Just read this and you and I speak the same language, obviously! It's wonderful when you're on the receiving end of kindness, as you were, but also it's lovely to be able to be kind to someone, too. You are right, there's not enough kindness in the world, and the more kindness we can EXUDE (yes, love the word!), the better.
    Margaret P


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