Another pair of socks completed:

We had the littlies today as daddy is away and mummy was at work.
Once we headed for home, Man Wonderful decided we'd have chippy for tea.  This means a veggy burger and spicy spuds for him and a nice piece of fish with spicy spuds for me.

We're both flaked out on the sofa now with a drinky, and watching the James Bond from last night.

eBay sales are still going very well.
Tonight I've sold a watch of MW's and a pair of leCreuset soup bowls.
It really has been a fun summer job to have!
And all the pennies I've made from the decluttering are going towards the new adventure.....!

Now then, time to cast on another pair of socks...


  1. Love the socks! We love keeping our grands, but I'm ready to put my feet up and not move after they go home!

  2. those socks look should sell some make great christmas pressies...are you going to give us a hint on your adventure ? ignore me if im being too nosey

    all the best tessa

  3. I love home made socks, they are so warm and snuggly and just the ticket for a cold winter evening!
    J x


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