Date night....look away, look away!

"Just the two of us....we can make it if we try....just the two of us.."  
Ah good old Bill Withers!  Can't beat a bit of Bill!!

Yesterday we left the little family at their new house and drove off into the sunset....
well - ahem! - we, er, went to Tescos actually, but you know what I mean, right?

We then had the afternoon and evening to ourselves for the first time in ages, and the house is just us.

So... romance, yeah?

After a very unusual (and uncontrollably giggly on my part) visit to a drive-through Costa ((whatever next? Actually driving in your car, past a window, where someone gives you a cup of tea they've made for you. Is it me, or is this just surreal??)) we sat looking out over the estuary chatting for a while.
- I have to confess I was also sock knitting -

Then we decided what we would do for our first evening alone together in ages:

Should we go out for dinner?
Take a moonlit walk?
Perhaps a champagne picnic on the beach?

Or: grab some stuff for a stir-fry from Tesco, come home and watch Mall Cop on Netflix?

You guessed it!


  1. And did you knit socks while you watched?

  2. LOL - but totally understand. Nights in are lovely!
    J x


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