Emergency call and a cheap dinner

Texts the calls in the night, a quick up-and-out across a still sleeping city, and GD is whisked off to see an emergency doctor.
Once seen, meds dispensed and tucked up for some rest, MW and I have the littlies for a play date so that mummy can rest up.

We popped into Tesco** and I picked up one of their 'meal deals': a main dish, two side dishes and a dessert for £7.00
They state it is enough to feed four people.
Well, it fed three hungry adults and two tiddlers and there's enough leftovers to make into something tomorrow, too!

This is the first time I've picked something like this up.

I'm usually pretty competent at knocking up a meal for folks at short notice, or when there's a - not emergency as such, but an - unforeseen situation, I guess!
If we'd reached for a takeaway menu, it would have been little change from £20.
This was just £7!
Within an hour of arriving home, this was cooked and served and on the table.

If this is your thing, or you find yourself needing an easy to turn around meal; give one of these deals a try.  Much cheaper than a takeaway!

** I'm not sponsored by any bugger.  I shopped at Tesco today as I needed to use a Sunday Pharmacy to get meds dispensed.  My opinions are just mine.  Great, isn't it?!


  1. Canadian supermarkets are only starting to get into meals. But deals similar to your are few and far between

    Usually it's a roast chicken, wedges, and bread rolls at around $14.99. Some places do a coleslaw type salad instead of the rolls.

    Lately, I've seen half a black forest ham or a slab of ribs but no side are included.

    I prefer to pick up a roast chicken over a trip to the Kentucky place

  2. Well done, Tracey - hope your daughter feels much better soon xx

  3. I'm gery glad to read that GD is OK but it must have been a very frightening experience for you all. I hope she continues to improve.
    Sometimes those meal deals can be great value. Yours looks delicious.
    J x

  4. Real bloggers unite YAY ;o) Looks a good deal, handy if you don't want to cook.

  5. hope your daughter is on the mend...that looks good i like the £10 meal deal from m and s..we have a chicken and some sort of potatoes and a pie....feeds 4 normally and a bottle of wine i either use in cooking or give as gifts....not bad for a tenner or £7 in your case


  6. Really hope your daughter is on the mend.

  7. Thanks for the kind words: 24 hours on antibiotics and she's starting to feel the benefit. Xxx

  8. See, I told you, you were still needed' a mama's work is never done. Get well soon GD

  9. Cheap n cheerful meals m'dear, just love em. Good to hear GD is on the mend Tracy.
    Be heading down to the South West end of September, hope that you've reserved some good weather for us.


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