Zero food waste?

I try always to limit the amount of waste we produce and one of the ways that works for us is not wasting food.  

When we prepare meals - for example this evening we had a roast meal with kids and grandkids (our bubble of 6 people).  As I prepared the veg (broccoli, swede, carrots, cabbage, leeks, peas, potatoes, parsnips) every part of these veg was used. The parts that were not needed for the meal tonight (outer layer of leek, hard core of cabbage, peelings from swede, carrots, potatoes and parsnips) were washed and put into a ziplock bag that lives in the top drawer of our little freezer.  The very top of the carrots and parsnips were very finely trimmed and only the very top went into the compost bin. 

When the ziplock bag is full, I know there is the basis for a veg stew.

The leftovers from the roast meal (apart from the meat, which I talked about in my last blogpost) go into the fridge and are eaten tomorrow lunchtime.

We have a weekly fruit and veg delivery, and we rotate everything so that nothing goes off or bad.  I use a pen to write which eggs need to be used first.

What do you do to avoid food waste?

Tracey xx


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