This will pass

I'm feeling pretty low today.

I know why, which is half the battle, but it's caused by a situation I have to be in from time to time.  

And it hurts every time.

Like having to drive past a graveyard which makes you very sad but there is no other route out of town; or having a sore patch on your skin that you keep bruising  and it gets more sore.

Like that.

But emotionally.

It's nothing to do with Man Wonderful - in fact he just rides the stormy waves with me and does his best to help.

Today he has gently been by my side, held me when I've cried and taken care of everything so I could sleep.

When he went to the local shop he came back with 12 red roses.

Sometimes it feels like the world is against you, doesn't it?

I'm usually the happiest person you could ever meet, but this 'Black Dog' as it's called can turn up and bite you on the arse, and you are just under a blanket wanting the world to go away.

If you get like this just know you are not alone.

There is someone in your life who can listen, or just be at the end of the phone to tell you something about their day so you can get out of the dumps even just for a few minutes.

Or someone online.

Or next door.

Or beside you gently, holding on because

this will pass.

Tracey xx


  1. The Black Dog is truly horrible. I hope you manage to kick it outside to its kennel asap. X

  2. Oh Tracey, you have worded this so well. It just comes and overwhelms you like a big black cloak doesn't it? So feel for you, take your time and as you say this too will pass. With love, Laura x


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