Living as we do - one retired (Man Wonderful), one differently-abled (Moi) - each day is different.  It would be so, so easy to fall into a dull routine but neither of us wants that.  Even when we were in full lockdown, every day had differences.

Yes we have a wee routine, and there are jobs that we each do, but it has to be mixed up or it can become boring.  

Now, I like to read blogs where people will talk about their days.  I admit it, I'm a nosey parker!! It's comforting and interesting at the same time.

So I thought I'd share today with you, if you're interested.

Today the alarm went off at 6.30.  We woke in different rooms - which almost never happens - but Man Wonderful, bless him, took over the middle of the bed and I could not get comfy so retreated to the playroom. This is the smallest bedroom where we have a single bed, a comfy chair and the grandkids toys and books.  

Man Wonderful came and woke me with a cup of tea, as he does everyday. I didn't have to be up for a couple of hours, but was wide awake so chatted to my chap while he shaved.

We had breakfast in front of the TV - we love watching Frasier and this is a fabulous start to the day. 

MW was taking the grandkids to school today as GD was at University and he arrived back just after 9. I'd cleaned the kitchen through and got myself washed and dressed ready for the gym at 9.30.  I'd also got the eBay sales ready for him to post.  We don't buy postage online usually, as we like to use the local PO and do our bit to ensure they keep going.  

Once I was delivered safely to the gym, he went to the PO then came back to collect me.

Usually we have coffee around 11, but this was delayed today as I had a blood test booked.

Lunch today was salad - as usual - with white beans and cooked salmon.

I started work today at 1.30 and have just finished (at 6.30).  I teach piano lessons from home and it is the best job in the world. 

Man Wonderful changed the bedlinen today and that will be washed overnight as there is good drying weather predicted.  We use the washing machine overnight as it is cheaper electricity.  The machine we bought new last year has a timer built in which is super, so we get everything ready before bedtime and when we wake up the laundry is ready to hang up.  Little things make me happy!

As I type, MW is getting our dinner together - tonight it's Lemon Sole with jacket potato and steamed veg.  We have a friend who runs his own trawler and this fish was caught just outside the Eddystone lighthouse, 14 miles from Plymouth.  It's the freshest fish!

I have a dress to hand-sew this evening.  The fabric on my favourite calf-length black strappy dress ( which I've had for about 15 years?) is giving up the ghost, and showing teeny tufts of elastic through the blackness.  I have a beautiful length of black and white floral lace from making a salwar kameez, so am going to sew this onto my black dress and see how that looks - I'm planning on attaching it at the bodice leaving the sides to flow, and adding kaftan-style sleeves in the flowery lace fabric.

I will feed back how it looks!  If worst comes to worst, I will return it to a long black straight dress with tufty bits of elastic sticking out!!

What have you been up to today?

Tracey xx


  1. I like reading about people's activities too! I started with quilting blogs, then found others that talk about all kinds of stuff. Good luck with your black dress with the tufty bits of elastic sticking out.

  2. I love reading about how others spend their day and my blog is usually a rambly diary kind of thing.
    Did the dress work out well - I do hope so.

  3. I like reading about other people's days too!

  4. First thing this morning I braved the phone and made an appointment to get my hair cut, best of all it's for tomorrow.

    I say it was first thing, actual first thing I accidentally put on a slightly less basic step routine than usual and have only just finished untangling myself!

  5. Oh my goodness how I love fresh fish. I would eat a different variety every day if we could buy it straight from the boat. The adaptation of the dress sounds like a smashing idea. I bet the lace makes it look really pretty.

  6. I too am nosy - how did the frock turn out?


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