A fabulous feeling

We have changed the contents of our veg box weekly delivery as we were getting a little tired of the same things and fancied a change (that cost no extra!). 

Yesterday, as I do every Thursday, I took out the fruit and veg we still had from last week and cleaned the fridge and pantry (ooh, posh! It's actually just a kitchen cupboard, but, you know...) ready for the new fresh items.

I usually pop the veg into a slow cooker casserole or curry that we then eat or freeze but yesterday I wanted to do somethign different.

So I put a notice on Facebook for free veg if anyone would like to collect it.  There was a huge savoy cabbage, three swedes, some apples and some potatoes.

Within seconds there was a 'ping' and a local lady asked if she could have these as she works with the homeless in the kitchen.

I was absolutely delighted!

I asked if there was anything else we could add, and the lady ended up with a big bag of pasta too, as well as men's pants and socks (Man Wonderful has plenty!), a wooly hat which was spare and a duvet that I was going to take to the tip! (The local charity shop is not accepting things right now, and the local dogs' home doesn't want duvets.)

MW and I have decided to try and fill a box every couple of weeks for this lady to take.

Feels good, doesn't it?

Tracey xx


  1. What a nice story. I always like it when someone can make use of something I don't want, rather than just throwing it away.


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