What to do on a rainy day.

 I don't know about you, but I don't really like going out on a rainy day, unless I have to.

I'm talking about the cold, rainy, stormy days of Autumn where it looks like a shower but then pees down hailstones - or the rain is coming in almost horizontally and would blow your brolly inside-out given half a chance.

Those days.

Luckily there are loads of things to do on a rainy day that are cheerful things (not just folding underpants, unless that's your thing..).

I like to:

  • write a letter - I write real 'old-fashioned' letters to both my auntie (in her 80s) and a chap I spent time nursing at care home. There's nothing like it.  
  • find a CD you haven't heard for ages and listen to it
  • make a coffee and sit with your book listening to the rain and the clock tick quietly in the background for an hour
  • plan - oh I love to plan:  meal plan, gift-buying plan, crating to-do list...you name it!
  • water the indoor plants and wipe their leaves with a damp cloth - I know this technically counts as cleaning, but it's not something I do regularly that makes me feel happy, OK?!
  • gather together fabric, yarn, paints, buttons, papers in a particular colour and make a collage - not for anyone or anything in particular, but just because.  (And don't forget, with art you can't get it wrong.)
  • grab a pack of cards and play real solitaire or patience, rather than an online version
  • make some greetings cards ahead of when you need them (remember forgetting Sue's birthday then a frantic dash to the shops for a 'sorry I'm late' one that cost £3??)
  • Look through your DVDs and throw out any you just are.not.going.to.watch!  Then put one on and sit and watch it!
What do you like to do on a rainy day?

Tracey xx


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