Sharing the love

 No - not in the naughty way!!

I love, love, love getting comments from folk who read this little blog.

Please keep them coming!

The blog I wrote in the early days got to the stage where I was beginning to make some pennies from it, but these days I only read blogs and write my blog to share lovely things.  

One of the things I really want to sort out is my picture-adding.  

I'm going to share what I can today:

This one, for example, is just some of the quirky knobs I sold this week.

I had an old chest-of-drawers that I rescued from the rubbish tip, painted each drawer in different shades of blue (from match-pots), and each drawer then had two mis-matched knobs!
When we no longer needed the drawers, GD had them at her new house, and last week when the chest-of-drawers finally bit the dust (this is about 6? years since we rescued them) I took the knobs off and listed them on the local selling page.

The strange thing is I didn't lose a penny - I sold the knobs for a little over what I bought them for years ago!


And this is a stepper I was given that we just don't use - I sold it for £5.  

It all adds to the coffers during our no spend month.

And here is one of my knit-ahead-for-Christmas gifts - an incredibly large dinosaur!!
I love using variegated yarn as it makes me look really clever and if I had made those stripes!

Please let me know if you can see the pictures?

Tracey xx


  1. I can see the pics and I love, love, love the dinosaur!

  2. That dinosaur is fabulous, and who doesn't love a quirky knob :) X

  3. I can see them. I love quirky knobs 😉 (so to speak!).

  4. I can see the pictures

  5. Your dinosaur has made me smile!

  6. Yes, I can see them. Love the knobs and that dinosaur is fantastic!

  7. The dinosaur is fantastic!! Great job!

  8. Love the dinosaur, you have done an amazing job. Well done on the sales.


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