Date Night

I don't know about you, but I like special nights.

Where you wear something posh, do your hair, stick on a pair of heels - you know, like you are off out for dinner.

Well way back when we had to become careful with the pennies, I found that I missed that bit of life.

I like having something to dress up for. 

A reason to wear heels.

So we decided to have our own version of a regular date night.

Now, we got married on the 24th of the month so we decided that every month on the 24th would be our date night.

The lights are dimmed, we have music playing, we get dressed up a little, and we choose a nice meal to cook for each other from our usual meals.

Man Wonderful might have a glass of wine, I might serve our meals as a starter, main and a little dessert - you know the way you can 'posh up' your dinner!!

Just a little something to get us through these strange times.

Tracey xx


  1. What a lovely way to make life a little brighter x


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