But what about Father Christmas?


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So the filling of the shoeboxes continues, and I'm currently crocheting hats to add to each box.
I made a crocheted cardigan in chunky cotton yarn last year, but it was just not 'me', so it's sat in the crafty room waiting for me to unwind and reuse the yarn.
And this is a perfect opportunity.

I promise photos of the hats I make once I have completed them.

So far each box has:

coloured pencils
colouring/craft books
crafty bits and bobs (stickers, card shapes, stencils)
writing pencils with rubber
skipping rope
plain notebook
pencil sharpeners

I need to still buy/gather:

CE certified toys
tape measures
reusable plastic cups and bowls

I'm really enjoying doing this, but have found one stumbling block:  
When my Granddaughter asked what I was doing, I said about gathering things to put in shoeboxes for children in other countries who were very poor, that they wouldn't get things to open on Christmas day, and I was asked

"But what about Father Christmas? He gives things to children all over the world, doesn't he?"

"Umm..yes he does," I replied, "but these children won't get anything else for Christmas apart from a gift from Santa as their families are really poor."


I think I managed to avoid answering the big question.

Tracey xx


  1. My,then 5 year old, niece asked me about the Bearded Lady (don't know the characters name, I haven't watched it) in The Greatest Showman film. I just told her I didn't not have children to get into this kind of discussion.

    Why does Father Christmas exist? I've never thought to wonder that before.

  2. Hi Tracey, I fill a box each year for Operation Christmas Child too. Unfortunately, as of this year I think, you are not allowed to include toothpaste. I think this is because it is technically a liquid.

    1. Hi Pam, thank you for this - the charity I am going with this year is Hope: they don't include anything religious like some others do. They ask for toothpaste but no shampoos (even in packets) - but just to be on the safe side, I'm going to buy toothpaste powder. Tracey xx


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