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If you remember my post on 6th October here about my visit to Romania, the orphanage and Operation Christmas Child, you will also remember how much I changed after the things I saw.

I couldn't adopt a child, no matter the number of tears I shed.


Since the start of Lockdown and the daily walks with dog, we have seen many new puppies bought for phenomenal prices - and quite a few adopted dogs through charities, a couple based in Cyprus and a couple based in Romania.

If dogs are picked up from the streets they are literally on death row - after 14 days they are slaughtered. 


The little hint-dropping and wee nags started by me to Man Wonderful.

We contacted a well-known charity that has had much success in rehoming dogs from Romania here in the UK, with life-long support for the dog.  If the dogs are picked up from the streets

Well..yesterday we passed their home-check and are now eagerly awaiting a little brother for our Millie (who is also a rescue dog)!!

I am SOOO excited!!!!

Please, if you are thinking of expanding your brood, contact me and I will pass on the details of this charity.  Check them out.  

Yours excitedly,



  1. Hi Tracey,
    That's a great thing to do, poor dogs.
    We've been looking to adopt or buy a dog for a long time. I've been on the waiting list for a rescue lab for 2 yrs now and I was on the local RSPCA waiting list too but we still wait. The ones advertised have jumped in price during lockdown and if I could I'd rather give a home to a rescue dog. I'd be interested to learn more about the charity.

    1. Hi lovey, email me on tdwebb1969@gmail.com and I'll give you the details of the charity xx


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