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For those who don't know, I am a piano teacher.
I work from home ( and online ) and I genuinely have the best job in the world.
My pupils are *lovely, and Man Wonderful supports me beautifully to be able to work part-time like this.


*As with every workplace, every now and again you get a situation that makes you want to tear your hair out.

And so I thought I'd share something with you.

So I teach a girl who reminds me very much of Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.  
Veruca Salt was a completely over-indulged, spoilt brat, and the little miss I teach is very similar.

Read on and see if you agree.

This young girl - let's call her Josie (that is not her real name) - doesn't go to school, she is home-schooled.                     I have no problem with that at all.
She is an only child.                         Again, no problem.
She has new clothes every week that I see her - not different clothes, but new clothes.  From a shop.                      Hmm..starting to have a problem with that, but                                                            still, what is money for if not to spend, right??
She runs around my lounge, jumps on and off the furniture - I'm not exaggerating - and it is me who asks her to stop, "We don't do that here, Josie, don't jump on my sofa.  Thank you." Child, does listen and stops, but then does something else that most would deem unacceptable. Parents do not speak to child to encourage better behaviour.                                         Not really acceptable.
While I am teaching her she is still, quiet and listens.  As soon as the piece she is playing finishes, she asks for a drink, a snack, a sweet - which are provided by mum.  She might only have been playing for three/four minutes. 
                                                         Not really acceptable.
This week she arrived looking gloomy.
Mum explained that she had a playdate arranged with her friend, and because of the rule of 6, they were not able to join in today, and had to wait until Friday.  Ok, this happens.
                                                        Acceptable to be a little disappointed, yes?

But to make up for it, dad took her to a shop and she was allowed (this is honestly what they said) whatever she wanted, as long as she could carry it herself.


I was then told a list, excitedly, of what she had been bought.

  • Two Halloween costumes
  • A fluffy snowman
  • A large pack of gummy sweets
  • An LOL doll
  • A tiara
  • A large packet of marshmallows
But still, the poor little lamb had been disappointed.

Spoilt brat.

I do not apologise for saying that.

And it's bloody unacceptable.



  1. OH MY STARRRRRSSSSSSS Im guessing that if this cherub had been at school before being homeschooled then the teachers would have been hanging out the bunting for joy when she left. What hideous hideous parenting. The one thing I bang on about at work is delayed gratification. Something this poor child will never know the joy of. Sad sad sad.

  2. Oh my word. Words fail me!!

  3. It's not really her fault though is it? It's easier for her parents to throw money at her than to teach her that life is full of disappointments and respect for other peoples' things.

  4. Oh dear - they really aren't doing her any favours. How is someone like that going to grow up to be an adult who can then cope with something like a pandemic? Children need boundaries and to accept that there are always disappointments in life. I feel sorry for her.


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