Selling in No-Spend October

 It's the 3rd of October and so far I have sold:

. Two large cushions

. Two cushion covers

. A lampshade

(this is like the conveyor belt in The Generation Game - those of us who can remember it!!)

. 11 unusual knobs - stop it!! They are drawer knobs that deliberately don't match and I had them on an old dresser that bit the dust a couple of weeks ago.  I looked on the bay of E to see that people were buying ceramic knobs so they went on there!

. A singing doll from Frozen - do you want to build a snowman??

. A Paw Patrol toy

. Some bedding we don't use anymore that is in good condition

. Some shoes I don't won't wear anymore

As well as not spending (apart from essentials) this month I'm making money as I tidy and sort out our rooms.

. A collector's item teapot I've had since my previous marriage

The three places I sell are:  Facebook Marketplace, Ebay and Vinted.

I tend to sell heavier things and household bits and bobs on the Facebook page, odds and sods on Ebay and clothing on Vinted.

. Some clothes and shoes I don't / won't wear anymore.

. A Hello Kitty toy sofa

Some items I offer for free to collection - these include crockery and kitchen-y things as well as any food items.  We put a food item in the food collection box each time we shop in the local shop - this could be a tin of beans or pasta, sanitary pads or toothbrushes.  As our local charity shops are shut it is still a way to help out other people.

We are selling and all sorts of things to add to the October resources, and giving away other things to tidy up the house before Xmas.

Do you sell locally or online?  What advice can you give other people?

Tracey xx


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