Just don't ask me how it happened..


We broke our bed.
Um, yeah, so..

Look, it wasn't a new bed, it wasn't new to us three years ago even.
When we moved back into a house with nothing, we scoured FB selling page and were very lucky with the bed.

A metal-framed divan base that lifted up for underneath storage.
We paid £50 for it, and that included a kitchen blender as well.

We bought ourselves a new mattress - that was the only "new" thing we had bought.


Yeah, so tonight we will be sleeping on our mattress on the floor - which is no problem at all until about 2am when I wake up to go for a tiddle.  
I usually just swing my legs out onto the floor and toddle off to the loo.

Tonight I just hope my knees don't let me down as otherwise there could be a puddle of piddle or a soggy doggy.  (Sorry, just had to put the rhyme in..)


Looking for a new bed starts online as soon as I press "publish" on this blogpost.

At least there is no excuse now for us to complete decorating our bedroom!!

Tracey xx


  1. The mind boggles......I don't dare ask how you broke it :-)

  2. I planned to redecorate our bedroom this year as it was badly overdue, then 'you know what' happened, my husband started working from home and the spare room became full of work stuff. It still is. So nowhere to move stuff out to and no decorating. I'm just trying to turn a blind eye to the worse bits!

    1. I hope you mean the worst bits of the room, not the worst bits of the husband! LOL

    2. Definitely the room! He's still lovely even after all these years! (31 married, 38 together - ouch!)


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