An adults' advent calendar - an easy make-ahead for Christmas!

An easy gift to make ahead

You will need:  

24 small envelopes (I bought a pack of 50 wages envelopes for £1)

Some scraps of paper 

String - I'm using red and white string

A hole punch

I think one of the best gifts you can give is positivity to another person. 

So this year I have made two of these advent-y calendars for friends.

1. Write numbers 1-24 on your envelopes, and punch a hole at the top of them.

2. Write out 24 messages your recipient could do with on a low day ( see ideas below), 24 daft jokes, 24 memories you have together...or what you think would bring a smile to their face.

3. Gather a few bits and bobs as well - I've put a nice sweetie in a few, a herbal teabag in a few and a face mask in two.

4. Tie each up with some red and white string, then thread onto one long length - so it can be displayed like bunting - then gather up and pop in a reused box to be opened on December 1st!

 (N.B. if you make one with chocolates in, remember to tell the recipient not to display over a radiator..)

Tracey xx


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