Someone I must have walked past at a wedding once?

My remaining Uncle is in hospital with COVID-19, and is not expected to live very long.  He is 85.

It is, indeed very sad - however to have lived to 85 these days is to be celebrated.

So forgive me if I come across as not particularly sad - but I'm not.

My Uncle (and his girlfriend) are people we chat to every week on the phone, and who - probably ten? or more years ago - used to come and stay with us for a week every summer when we had the big house.  They live one end of the country and us the other.

Having lost my parents age 60 and 64, Uncle and auntie were lovely company for a week, and keeping in touch with my remaining relatives of that generation is important to me.

But I'm not upset or sad at his imminent passing.

I can't explain it more than I know he lived a good life with family living near him.

I'm not close to my cousins, his sons.  I mean, I send two of them Christmas cards each year but in between I don't hear from them or phone them. Growing up we were not in any contact at all, it was my mum who was in touch with their mum (her sister) then me after she died.


Uncle will pass away over the next 24 hours.  Asleep and unaware - which is the best way to go, I think.

He will be remembered by me as a happy old man who liked his cheese and biscuits for supper with a shot of whiskey.

Cheers Uncle David. X

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. A life well lived is a good one to celebrate. I understand completely what you are saying.

  2. Only just discovered your lovely blog Tracey.
    Very sensible approach towards your uncles death, sounds like he’s had a good life. I do not have a lot of patience with folk who make a great big fuss over the passing of someone in very late life. My own mother was eighty when she died, as I said to my sister at the time, eighty wasn’t a bad innings! Take Care.

  3. You have my view on death. A life well lived is to be celebrated, not mourned.


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