Multi-tasking on a Wednesday morning.

 1. Putting the kettle on while noticing the kitchen floor could do with a clean.

2. Swearing as you bang your head in the under sink cupboard while searching for the new thingy that goes with the floor sweeper to clean the floor while standing up.

3. Popping the tea bag in your mug while remembering to add tea bags to the shopping list. 

4. Swearing as you search through the 'man drawer' in the kitchen and can't find a pen while running the hot tap to get it hot so you can fill the bucket to wash the floor.

5. Taking the tea bag out of your mug while burning your fingers on it trying to save time by not using a teaspoon.

6. Swearing as you run your fingers under the tap while remembering the tap is running on hot to get the water for cleaning the floor.

7. Putting liquid soap in the bucket for washing the floor while noticing the washing machine has finished and the damp laundry needs hanging out.

8. Grabbing the basket to put the damp laundry in while knocking over the open bottle of liquid soap you were adding to the bucket for washing the floor.

9. Swearing at the new 'thingy' for washing the floor as it just-won't-fit while then swearing at the floor sweeper as the 'thingy' is too large to fit on the too-small floor sweeper.

10. Wiping up the liquid soap spill with just the 'thingy' while reading the label that says 'WASH BEFORE FIRST USE' and swearing at the 'thingy'.

11. Picking up the basket of damp laundry and going into the garden while realising the bag of pegs are still in the cupboard under the sink.

12. Pegging the laundry on the washing line and saying 'Morning' to your next-door neighbour while realising your dressing gown has flapped open and all you are wearing underneath is those massive granny-pants you were going to cut the crotch out of to use as a cleaning cloth.

13. Tripping over the doorstep going hurriedly back into the kitchen while swearing as you slip on the liquid soap on the kitchen floor.

14. Remembering the now-tepid cup of tea you made yourself while cleaning the kitchen floor with the bucket of soapy water and your granny-pants.

15. Finally taking your cup of tea to the lounge while thinking to yourself 'What was it I needed to add to the shopping list for today?'

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. Hahahahah!!! So funny! Right after #1, I would have been reaching for pencil and paper to make a list of things to do...which action might have precluded all the rest of the difficulties...
    I have medium-sized vase next to my sink that holds pencils, pens, and scraps of paper for such lists.
    Glad you didn't hurt yourself when you slipped on the kitchen floor.


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