He's on his way!

 As I type this, at 0730 UK time, Viktor has been in transit from Romania for almost 12 hours.  He won't arrive here until late tomorrow.

There are five air-conditioned vans travelling with a mix of dogs and cats going to their new homes.  They stop every few hours to eat, drink, poop, exercise (and that's just the drivers!) and are brought to our door before a proper handover.

This evening at Granddaughter's request we are having a 'puppy party' a day before Viktor arrives*, so that the grandkids can help unwrapping and setting up all the new doggy things -  and of course to eat a little dog-themed party food and play some dog-themed party games with Millie-dog.

I am preparing little sausage rolls and small sausages, sandwiches and biscuits cut into dog biscuit shapes and cupcakes decorated with pawprints.  Millie will have her usual dog biscuits and a little cubed chicken for her treats!

We will play Pin the tail on the Paper Puppy and Follow my Lead (which is like musical statues but the kiddies have to 'sit', 'lay down' and 'roll over' and get a 'treat' when they do!).

*All this happens before he arrives so that he has a calm environment to arrive and settle into.

And here is an in-transit picture for you to see:

Isn't he gorgeous?!
I promise more pictures once he is settled in.
Viktor will be our fourth rescue pup.

If you are thinking about getting a dog please, please consider rescuing one - either from the UK or abroad.  
(If you'd like the name of the Charity we used, message me and I'll send you the details.)

Any questions, please ask away!

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. I do hoe everything works out with this special delivery - but I do urge some caution.
    We've just had news reports & tv documentary about dogs coming into Canada like this and what a scam it has turned out to be. Dogs who supposedly had health checks & all their vaccinations turned out to be in very bad shape and had none of their shots.
    I do hope everything works out for you but please take care.

  2. Awwwwww! He's gorgeous! He looks in need of a big cuddle. Please give him one from me too. I would love a dog, but my son has severe learning difficulties and is very nervous of them, even ones he is familiar with and knows won't hurt him. Oddly, the smaller and cuter the dog, the more upsetting he finds them! But I think we would both love a puppy party. X

  3. He looks fantastic,congratulatinons and good decision


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