Shouting at the radio

 If you have read my blog before you will know I'm a pretty laid-back person who is happy with her lot.

Yesterday I was painting the wall behind where our new bed(!!) will go and listening to Radio 4.

There was a woman talking about whether she should stop reading Harry Potter because of J K Rowling's personal views on the LGBTQ community in a comment on Twitter.  click here to read

Now, I don't like any part of our society being denigrated, but it wasn't that which was making me cross.  J K Rowling is entitled to her opinion, which is entirely different to the books she has written for children that do not contain anything regarding this issue.

Now, forgive me if I am incorrect - and please, educate me otherwise - but surely a person's sexuality is only important to them?  And actually only important when they are going to have sexual intercourse with someone??

For example, I have no idea whether the person behind the checkout today in the local Coop is straight, gay, non-binary, asexual, transgender or otherwise.  I don't need to know, do I?  Will it make any difference to me - or them??

I completely understand the situation where people feel not accepted by certain parts of our society - I do know, being a disabled person (I don't insist on being called 'differently abled') that I am excluded from things others can do, but 
it doesn't affect the bloody books I choose to read because a character in that authors books doesn't reflect me, or my disability....

So I ended up shouting at the Radio - louder than I was shouting at the folks on the BBC News last week who were cheering for President Trump!


Can someone explain this to me, please??

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. There used to be the phrase that you should never meet your hero, I guess this is a prime example of why. A bit of reality can change perceptions so much.

    I've seen quite a few things by people so hurt by the comments because when they were growing up the Harry Potter world was so important to them as it felt so inclusive, even to those who would traditionally be seen as outsiders.

    I don't know how to end this comment so I'll just stop!


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