A Lockdown well-lived..

 .. is a Lockdown well-planned.  

Do you think this could become a modern day idiom?

I am a true idiom user, I don't mind saying so.  I think they are part of our tradition and shouldn't be forgotten nor lost in the newer language added each year, such as covid, freegan or hellacious.

But I digress.

During the first Lockdown, I'm sure many readers - like me - will have planned to do something momentous.  Finally we had the time to...

  • lose half a stone in weight by exercising everyday with that young fellow on youtube
  • read War and Peace
  • make new Lounge curtains out of patchwork scraps
  • brew own wine/beer
  • re-tile the roof with vintage tea-towels, etc
Instead what we achieved was:
  • putting on a stone in weight because the only exercise we had was walking from the sofa to the fridge and back again (and reaching up high for a new packet of biscuits didn't count as 'lunges') 
  • reading healthy recipes while eating bowls of homemade chips
  • making a mess of bits of thread/empty crisp packets/crumbs in a semi-circle around where we sit on the sofa
  • brew own wind.. *parp*
  • re-tiled hair into a bird's nest due to no hairdresser being open and using elastic bands rather than hair bobbles
Of course, I am exaggerating (some) of the list above! (Ahem..)


Lockdown 2.0

I genuinely have a plan this time.

Food: Like many people I had an inkling that this was going to happen again, so I bought a few items extra each week and we have a well-stocked larder of healthy foods.  We have a weekly box of fresh veg and fruit that is continuing.

Exercise:  between the lockdowns (ooh that could become a new phrase..or the Title for a new book..hmm) I joined a local ladies-only gym and was exercising Monday to Friday 30 minutes a day.  I'm continuing this at home with their online daily exercise workouts.  (Before I joined this gym I thought the only things you worked out were crosswords or monthly budgets..)  

Hair: Since age 17 I was my own hairdresser - naturally curly hair sounds better in words than it looks when you wake up looking like a cross between a lion's mane from behind and a haystack.  For the last  two years I have had 'free' hair care (I teach the hairdresser's daughter piano lessons), I usually visit the hairdresser every six weeks and have products here and advice to a manage the mane.  

Diet: Since the last Lockdown I went on the FODMAP diet to find out exactly what my body didn't manage well.  It sounds a bit cheesy, but I did heal my gut, and have found out which foods and preservatives upset the balance.  If you struggle with gut issues I can totally recommend this - I read online and we did it at home.    Consequently, we have a plan to follow to help shift some of the excess weight I am carrying along with the daily exercise.

House:  Settee 1 went to the tip - it had been second/third hand to us three 1/2 years ago, and after advertising it as FREE, nothing.  Settee 2 is creaking like my knees when I get up to the loo in the night (only half-joking) but will be advertised as FREE in the New Year as we have two NEW sofas coming then.  The carpet is being replaced on insurance (thankfully) and we have bought a NEW bed coming this week as we broke ours about a month ago.  The bedroom is almost finished being painted.  So.


What are yours for this Lockdown?

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. We have plans for this lock down altho we got quite a lot sorted before but diet failed so back to that this time.

  2. I am in Scotland and as yet haven't been locked down in this latest round, so I am hoping that I don't need a plan. Time will tell.

  3. I am trying to get out for a walk every day or, on the days when that is less than appealing, to do some exercise. I am also cutting down on carbs. The reason for this is that I had a 'well woman' check-up recently and being less than good during the first lockdown has lead to increased blood pressure (I've never had that before) and a low pre-diabetic blood sugar level. It's not easy, because I am a carer, but I have put my big-girl pants on! X

  4. This post had me chuckling and nodding. I'm determined to lose at least a pound each week during this lockdown.

  5. Please bear in. Ind that the FODMAP diet should only be undertaken under the care of a qualified dietician or registered nutritionist - just in case anyone is reading this and thinks it’s something that would be suitable for everyone! It can actually be harmful, if followed unsupervised!


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