Imagine you needed to escape a horrific life.

You were desperate and were living on the streets.

Scared of everyone and everything.

Then you are caught and taken in a van to a compound with desperate sounds and screams.

Please, help me.

Then as suddenly and you were caught, another van arrives and you - along with several others - are taken to a different place.

A place where all around you are happier, feel safer.

It is secure.

There is food, water and shelter.

And you begin to feel that your life could be ok.

A few days pass.

You feel much less anxious.  People around you help you, talk to you.

A smarter van arrives and you go into the van, into a comfortable cabin.  All around you are familiar sounds - others talking.  You have a soft blanket and after the van sets off you slowly drift into a dream.

When the van stops, you eat, drink, use the loo - then back aboard for more travelling.

You don't feel scared, but you do feel anxious - there is a difference because around you feels safe.

The journey continues on. 

There are many stops, sleep, stops, sleep.

You learn to eat and drink each time you stop as you don't know when the next time will be.

But again, strangely you don't feel scared.

As the journey progresses each stop leaves one behind, with soft sounds and no sounds of alarm.

Then they come to you.

The door to your cabin opens, soft voices surround you and you are lifted from your cabin and into warm arms.

And here you are:


  1. Aaaaahhhhhhh. A happy ending is lovely.

  2. lovely x im sat here having a snivell xx i came on yesterday to see if hed arrived so glad hes here xx

  3. So glad they managed to get through, I was keeping my fingers crossed that thing weren't scuppered due to the law change.

    (if another weird comment turned up please ignore!)

  4. Viktor is a very handsome dog, i'm sure he will soon settle into his new life.


  5. Awww he is beautiful! Welcome to your new happy home Viktor


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