It's a wrap!

Wind and rain again today, although I did manage to get one load of laundry dry between showers.

This afternoon I sorted out the boxes of gifts that I collect throughout the year.  
This is the Christmas stash!

Because I grab things when I see them (most on some kind of offer, I have to admit) throughout the year, when it comes to November all I have to do is wrap.

My decor this year is a super recycled paper tied with my customary red and white string.  I make the gift tags and paint my own cards too - but you would expect nothing less from a someone obsessed with Christmas, right?!

Now I have items organised into large boxes, it will take me a few evenings to wrap and label them - something I really enjoy.

I have a few handmade things - a shawl, some scarves and a lap blanket.  I made sure all the 'ends' were sewn in today so they are ready to wrap up too.

I took everything out of the bathroom storage today and cleaned the shelves.  I put a couple of almost-empty bottles and a couple of out-of-date things in the bin before I put everything else back in neatly.  
I clean the loo and sink everyday, but I gave them both a bleach soak today when I changed the towels over.

Dinner tonight was Bean Goulash cooked by my amazing Man Wonderful.  

And apart from a little crochet and dog snuggling that has been my day.

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. You are so organised, it is wonderful to have the Christmas gifts sorted and to have spread the cost over the year.


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