Black Friday? I'll give you Black Friday!!

(warning may contain ranting..) 

Bl**dy Black Bl**dy Friday!!  

It's just another way to get you to spend!

It's not a bl**dy saving, it's still spending!

I know, I know, I've said it before - but the only way to save money is not to spend it!

Let me give you an example (that I'm sure most of my readers will understand straightaway, and won't even need a middle-aged, short, curly-haired piano teacher to tell them):

1. I don't need a new TV

2. I don't buy one

3. The money I haven't spent on a TV is money saved - for something else; to put into savings.

That is money saved.

This is NOT the way to save money on Black Friday:

1. I don't need a new TV

2. Ooh look, the local TV shop are selling them just for today at 50% off!! Only £900 rather than £1800.  That is £900 saved.

3. No.It's.Not, you bl**dy pilchard - it's £900 spent out on a TV.

It doesn't matter how much the thing costs - it's still bl**dy spending money out.


It really gets my dander up.

Spend money how you will - save money how you will:  but please, for the love of PILCHARDS, don't tell me that you have saved money because you've spent it!!

Rant over,

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. You left off the part about how if you put it on your credit card, you're paying interest compounded every time you draw a breath.

  2. Completely agree. Bah humbug to Black Friday! When did we become a nation of suckers?

  3. Thanks to lockdown we have been spared the usual scrum and fights as the doors open to a shop selling so called bargains. Another imported ideašŸ¤¦‍♀️


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