Today was beautifully sunny and chilly - perfect weather for a walk with the dog.

I do love having a dog - the benefit to my mental health is immense.

About five minutes from our house is a small harbour.  

The tide was coming in, the wind was fresh and the air smelled just of the sea.

It was blissful - blooming chilly, but blissful.

We walked down one side of the harbour, looking at some very pretty colourful new-ish built houses that face the water.

Dog met a couple of other dogs and we got to say hello to fellow dog-walkers from a wide distance.

We stopped at a little cafe and spent a few pennies for a treat - two coffees and a bit of gf cake to share that cost £3.25: worth every penny!  We don't do that very often so it was fab!

The view was stunning, the company delightful (obviously) and the wind and sun were just perfect weather to be out and about.

This evening I cooked a vegetable biryani.

I part-cooked some long-grain rice, then cooked a finely chopped onion, some chopped fresh tomatoes and mushrooms and a few broccoli florets.

I added in some garlic puree and some curry spices, including star anise and a couple of cloves.  When this lot was cooking well I added in the half-cooked rice and a tin of coconut milk, clamped the lid on and left it to cook for ten minutes.

Whether it'll be windy tomorrow remains to be seen.... :-)

What have you been up to today?

Take care,

Tracey xx



  1. So nice to get out for a walk. Please do share some photos of the harbour, it sounds wonderful.


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