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 There is something about being the parent of an adult that is really heart-warming (actually there are lots of things), what I am talking about today is ethics.

When you are the parent of a little tot, you don't realise that what you teach them about living and morality really sinks in.

My babygirl (who is 27) credits her money-savvy mind to me.

On her blog today she wrote:  

My parents never spoke about money. Fact! 

We lived on the bread line for the most part of the year with the same cheap dinners week in week out, but managed to go on holiday every year without fail.  

Growing up though, my mum was a single parent and she would always go without to make sure I never wanted for anything. We shopped at charity shops and shopping was always in and out. 

We weren’t a family who favoured asking for presents either. I was never instructed to go through the Argos book and highlight what I wanted for Christmas or birthdays!

My parents despised credit cards, and my mum's mantra is 'if you can't afford it, don't buy it.'

She hates waste and loves reusing and recycling.

It makes me feel very proud that my grandchildren are growing up with the same views I instilled in my daughter.

Not bad for a chip off the old block, eh? 

Not a bad block to start with.

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. It is indeed always a joy to know that your children carry on and have the same standards. I am always so thankful that some of our traditions have been passed down to another generation.


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