The Garden Centre Adventure..

I am in love folks.


I'm in love with the idea of having a beautiful array of new plants flowering in tubs around me as I sit and read (or blog) in our pretty courtyard. (Obviously I'm in love with Man Wonderful, but you know that anyway, right?!)

Yes, I spended some well-squirrelled-away money today, and I thought I'd share  with you exactly what I bought!!

(No point saving unless you spend a little to make you happy every now and then:  you could get run over tomorrow by a tram and the only thing your pennies will be used for is a casket, right?!)


Here are the images of what my plants will become:

It's frosty for the next few days overnight, so the plants are not yet planted into their next pots - I bought some potting compost and a few cheap bigger pots, so as soon as the overnight temperature becomes warmer I will be planting these and putting where I them the to be.

I have a few plants from last year (mostly white) that will regrow and my little courtyard will be complete.


What are you planning for your garden this year?

Tracey xx


  1. Beautiful, some of my favourites in there. I am snaffling money away for the garden, at the moment I only have 2 coral coloured phormium and lots more spring bulbs on the list.

    I treated myself to some new secateurs last month, so easy to use, and ideal for my little hands!

  2. Perfectly beautiful! Beautifully perfect!

  3. Do I spy my favourite rhapsody in blue rose?

  4. Yoy picked one of my very favourites in my garden - Rhapsody in blue rose x


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