Look up!

 I'm writing this blog post on my mobile phone, quite deliberately. 

But I'm actually going to have a wee rant (and be a bit judgemental, I admit) about mobile phones.

And it's something I've ranted about before.

Because people are missing out on SO much.

And it saddens me, it really does.

In this week I've seen:

. Two girls walking home from school side-by-side, both looking at their mobile phones: not talking to each other or anyone else; not looking to see if there's an older person or someone with a pushchair coming towards them; not chatting about their day; not looking around at the sights; not looking at life.  They could have been, most possibly, in front of a screen for 3-4 hours at school and will be in front of a screen at home.

. A chap pushing a pushchair - facing away from him, as pushchairs do - while held his mobile phone in his hand, looking at the screen.  Not engaging in conversation or even talking 'baby talk' to the little one; again, not seeing life all around him.

. Two adults walking you the shop with their dog, both on separate phones - not talking but looking at the screens. 

And these are not isolated incidents.


People are missing out on SO much.

Yes, mobile phones are great - getting a call to say I love you / I need you to listen / do we need more loo paper because I'm at the Coop, etc - but LIFE is amazing.

Holding hands, nature all around us, kiddies playing and chatting, blue skies, scents...

Plasticcy games you can click with one hand while you miss out will never replace life being lived.

I wish people woukd put these bl@@dy things in their pockets and look up.

And start living again.

Rant over - for now.

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. couldnt agree more its so sad xx also potentially dangerous we recently saw a man riding a bike down a busy road looking at his phone x

  2. Completely agree! I feel so sad when I see parents out with their young children and paying absolutely NO attention to them because they are so engrossed in their phones!
    As for the idiots who take up the sidewalks and pay no attention to others - I decided a few years ago that I was no longer going to go out of my way to avoid them. I walk with a cane so it leads - I keep to the right and I just keep walking - if they don't pay attention then they will meet up with my cane first!

  3. I agree! I've seen the same thing. Yesterday I went for a walk in my neighborhood, a beautiful afternoon. One house had a mom and 4 various aged little children outside. The kids came out and got on their bikes and ride-on toys as I walked up the street. By the time I walked down the street and passed their house, the mom was sitting on the front steps looking at her phone, and the children, all but one still on his bike, were gathered around her, watching her on her phone. No mom cheering on the bike riding activity sort of took the fun out of it, I think. She missed an opportunity to enjoy a fine day with her kids.

  4. Sorry never reply to your posts but this time well I agree with you absolutely, I have been walked in to and I had such a dirty look as thought it was my fault I love walking and we go walking three times a week it is lovely to get outside with no screens they really don’t know what there missing we should have a no screen day but i suppose the would still find a way. Sorry rant over

  5. Totally agree, but on a more positive note I am able to see my grandchildren regularly and feel as if I am part of their lives. So I am thankful for technology.

  6. my pet gripe is folks giving toddlers there phones to keep them occupied ....just why?


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