Creeping like snail unwillingly to school..

Up at 7.

Ready by 8.

Walk to school.

Leave school at 3.30.

Walk home.

Get changed out of school clothes.

Do any homework after tea.

As a child this was - like most of us - my weekday routine.

13 years

Six years of primary

Seven years of Secondary

Then University:

Up at 8.30 Monday to Thursday

Walk next door to faculty

Lectures 9.30 to 12, 1 to 3

Do any studying in the evening.

Four years

Then a workplace:

Monday to Friday

Up at 7, ready for 7.30

Drive to school

Leave school at 5.30 most days (I always did marking at school)

Sunday afternoon prep lessons for the next week

25 years


Monday to Friday*

Up at 6.30 

Get to kid's house for 7.30

Take grandkids to school for 9

Pick grandkids up at 3

Take them home to get changed, then here at our place for 4 until 5/5.30

Spot the pattern?

I'm expecting this pattern to continue for a few more years yet!

It feels safe, it feels good knowing they are safe, if feels good that daughter and son-in-law can have the careers they have worked so hard for.

Do you have a daily routine?

Is it something you have had for a long time?

Take care,

Tracey xx


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