Free cabbage??

I've been unwell this week, but woke today feeling much better.

We had to take the car into the garage to have the handbrake sorted - it wasn't holding the car so MW had to keep the car in gear when it was parked.  While we were waiting for the repair, we could sit in the waiting room at the garage, so I used the time to sew in ends on the stripy baby cardigan I am knitting - how are there always so many ends???

The car was completed very quickly and we decided to pop into a large supermarket on the outskirts of the city on our way home to pick up some essentials.

We went firstly to the 'free from' aisle. and I picked up some Quorn sausages and steaks at a lower price than I usually pay at our local shop.

I also picked up six large soya yogurt pots:  this week my stomach has been quite painful and I found that yogurt has been settling things down nicely.  Again, they were cheaper than locally - although only by 5p.

We looked at the reduced price things on our way to the checkout and picked up two veg burgers for 79p.  They needed using today so that was lunch sorted.  ( I don't always follow the 'use by' dates on food, especially things in tins and sealed packets; that's what my eyes and nose are for..!)

I fancied adding raw cabbage to our daily lunchtime salad, so we picked up one white and one red cabbage only to get to the checkout with our self-scanner to find that there was no sight of either cabbage on the scanner or on the actual till.  

A member of staff came to our rescue and after about 2 minutes of tapping to and fro he said under his breath, "Just have them, the till doesn't recognise them and it's going to take me a good few minutes to get these uploaded."

I didn't argue with him!  It's not often you get something for free, and as we always add on food bank items to our Saturday morning shop I didn't feel in the least bit guilty. 

Now I'm going to cast on matching booties for the layette I'm knitting and catch up with the news.

I hope you've had a lovely Friday.

Take care,

Tracey xx 


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