Feel the pressure...

 This blogpost is NOT an advert - it is my own opinion of my own item. 

I have got some very lovely people I know. 

(That sentence is grammatically incorrect for a reason..)

What I mean is that we have a small circle of friends (not a bubble...that's something else entirely...) and then there are some thoughtful folks we know who we are kind to , who are really kind back.

What on earth am I babbling about today?  And what does the title on today's blog refer to?


A super-duper, you-can't-bend-it, better than the Beatles Pressure Cooker!

Someone we know bought it, tried it out, found it wasn't for her - and instead of sending it back she gave it to us; to keep or pass on to someone else.

I know, I know.
So? (you are maybe thinking) It's a piece of kitchen equipment..
Yes, but no, but yes.
It is a piece of kitchen equipment, but it is totally amazing at saving us money!
And time.

If like me you grew up in the 60s/70s, your family might have had a pressure cooker like this:

Your Sunday mornings might have been filled with an almost continuous "tss tss tss tss" sound that seemed to go on for hours, as wet, watery, colourless vegetables were steamed to way past their taste, while windows in the kitchen were like the inside of a Turkish sauna...

I never ever never wanted or would have purchased a pressure cooker.


This thing is a-mazing!

Firstly it makes no sound.

Secondly it cooks things really quickly.

Thirdly it uses less power than other methods of cooking.

and lastly it has features that are brilliant - like setting a timer so your dinner will be ready to eat by a time - up to 24 hours ahead.  

When it arrived I cleaned it, then assembled it to have a 'go'!

First I cooked white rice in five minutes. Yes, from dry grain to cooked. Mm-hmm.

Then I tried out the veg tray and cooked big chunks of carrot and large florets of broccoli in three minutes (to be honest, two would have done as I like veg more al dente) and that's quicker than a microwave!!

Everything was moist (hee-hee 'moist') as it had been cooked in steam.

When you turn the valve on the top to release the steam (- with an oven glove, and before you open the lid) there is a little steam, but nothing the extractor fan couldn't clear in seconds.

So I am now working my way through recipes to try out my new kitchen friend.

Excited by kitchen equipment?  Me?

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. OOOO lucky girl! I have a SAGE one of those that I wangled with the help of some vouchers we had after signing up for some life insurance or something. Anyway I use it a lot. It's called the fast slo pro or something. It blew my mind when I made a beef stew in 23 minutes or something and it tasted as good as if it had been going all day in the slow cooker.


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