Thank you for your lovely comments!

I am so grateful to people when they give a 'positive stroke'  - I'll be honest, it makes my day!

Often, when we are out and about (walking the dog, essential shopping, you know the out-and-aboutness to which I refer) I hear a 'Miss?' and turn around to see an adult who looks vaguely familiar.  These turn out to be the adult-version of a teenager I used to teach. 

It is truly wonderful to see kids, who needed support due to a disability or learning difficulty making a success of their lives. 

Always full of thanks for everything we did.  Many times this is perceived to be just what I did - I was in the role of SENCO; so I assessed and coordinated their support.

Other times we bump into a parent or carer of an ex-pupil, and the praise is the same.

Positive strokes.

I have been told many times that I am the most positive person people know.

It's a positive stroke about being positive!

Like all of us I have had rocks in my way and mountains to climb.

Like many people I had a serious incident that my brain could not process. This caused a nervous breakdown followed by six years of psychotherapy and now living with PTSD.

I would never has thought something like this would - or could - happen to me, but it did.

There is a reason for everything.  We often don't know what the reason is until much later on - if at all.

But it is imperative to be positive.

It's actually not difficult to see the positive in everything - I do get black days, but I know it will pass.  The duvet and endless cups of tea get me through, as does Man Wonderful, Gorgeous Daughter and the little family bubble.  

Being understood, and given just the right amount of support with no judgement (I can beat myself up far more than anyone else could even attempt to) helps me tremendously.

Talk to someone if you feel low.  They might not be able to solve a problem, but they can listen and that is the best positive stroke there is.

Take care,

Tracey xx


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