My Free LIbrary of Books

Gorgeous Daughter likes to collect books from folk that are advertising bundles of books for free.  A couple of times a week she will receive a carrier bag of paperback and hardback books to sort through.

She uses an app to sell any that have a value - two companies buy books for a price; from 10p to a couple of pounds, and the pennies soon add up.

However, the two of us look through the selection and take out what we would like to read.

In last week's selection there was a whole series by Ken Follett.

I had not read anything by this author, and decided to read the first of them - Pillars of the Earth.  It is superb!  Set in medieval times with some really shocking (but also really beautiful) descriptions.  I read it in record time as I found it

The second in the series is on my bedside table:  World Without End, and I also have the third book, A Column of Fire.  

All for free!!

I can recommend looking on a local selling page or advertising for unwanted might find a great series like me, or indeed find an app and make a few pennies.

What are you reading right now?  Do you ever get books for free?

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. I never thought to look for books for free, as I use the library bus and always get a bargain from the charity shop.

  2. My source of free books is my local library.

    Nothing like finding a new author that you enjoy.


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