A Tight Squeeze


I like wearing tights, hold-ups and stockings. I am a dress-and-skirt wearer and unless it's a really warm day I have an appropriate leg covering on my person and usually a spare in my handbag.


I am in a right.old.pickle because I am finding it near impossible to store these tidily.
In Mrs Hinch/Marie Kondo way, sure, but most importantly in a way that I can extract a pair to wear whilst leaving the others neatly behind...and knowing what I have extracted.

I'd like to be in the situation where I'm not swearing at glittery Christmas tights in March, while I frantically try to stuff them back in the overflowing drawer, making up expletives as I trap my fingers and drawer boings back open; spewing more tights than I actually own onto the floor....(yes I know that sentence is too long..)

So I guess my question to you this evening is:  

How do you store tights/stockings/thin legwear?

Do you have an easy method you can share please??

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. My favourite way is to fold one leg over the other lengthwise. Fold/roll up from the toes until you reach the waistband then fold the waistband back over the tights, so they are neatly contained. This works for tights or leggings.

  2. fold in half long ways
    take toes up to crotch
    fold over panty part
    fold this bundle over so it's 1/3 of the size.
    I find they can stand up right this way, I use boxes to organize the drawers and they stand in the box.


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