Scam Scam Scam Scam

 Oh dear.

We do a daily check on our bank account - we transfer any money that is needed that day and transfer back money we haven't spent.  Our money lives in our savings account.

Today we logged on to do our daily check and saw a transaction we didn't recognise. It was for just a few pennies, and had a rude name to it. (The rude name for bottom that begins with an a, and rhymes with glass.)

This transaction was not something either of us had made.

We phoned the bank.

The bank chap told us that this was a common scam.  This company gets bank or credit card numbers and makes a tiny transaction. (Ours was for 39p.)

When the customer does not notice and allows this transaction, the company can proceed with further money being taken out.

The bank blocked the company and refunded the money straightaway.

This scam is well known by the bank.

How horrible!

We are very lucky to be aware of the ins and outs in our account.  When I buy something on ebay or vinted I note down the amount. All our subscriptions are shared between us.



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