Keeping your pecker up

Costs are going up and money's tight, 

Live without the heat, the gas and the light?

Two pairs of socks will help your cold feet,

No Gym? Why not walk to the end of the street?

Frugal lists and money-saving tips;

There's nothing I haven't tried - even home-made chips.

Making lists of meals, of income and costs 

I've tried turning off the freezer but the bloody thing defrosts.

Buy reduced price food, eat less meat, 

Buy wonky veg, don't spend money on a treat..

Chazza shop clothes and shoes (not pants)

Politicians and activists and vocal chants

People lived through hardships of the seventies

Home-growing their veg with apparent ease

None of us will have an over-flowing cup

But we will manage to keep our peckers up.



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