50 things to throw away

I read a list on Facebook this morning of 50 things to throw away.

Personally, the items from the list I don't throw away are:

Old books - I collect orange spined Penguin books. All others that have been read are passed on either to other people or a charity shop.

Anything you haven't used in the last three months - I dress seasonally so clothes are stored when not being used: I have a little store of craft items in our attic: I collect items throughout the year in my Christmas cupboard.

I used to be more of a hoarder of some items - crockery, pots and pans, cards, books, cook books,  clothing, things 'that could come in handy' etc.. - but since we decluttered to live in a tiny touring caravan for two years, I have kept up the minimalist approach. 

We share one single wardrobe.

We have a small house.

We manage with a small number of items.

As one item comes into the house, another goes out.

Yesterday, our local charity shop had an event where nothing had a price: it was donations only.  We visited and brought home - a pair of trainers for me; some brand-new bedding to be used as a backing for my almost-completed hand-sewn patchwork quilt; a pair of teapot earrings; two reading books; a brand-new kids game; a brand-new shelf. We donated £10. A great idea to move on stock!

My previous pair of trainers had a hole I couldn't repair. The bedding is for the backing of our new quilt. I've already worn my new earrings. The two books will be read and donated back. The game was played yesterday evening and added to the kids' toy cupboard. The shelf is for our kitchen.

I don't think I could manage as a 'proper' minimalist - counting every item I lived with, for example - but I do love living around fewer items.

It makes it easier to keep the house tidy if nothing else! 



  1. I absolutely can't think of a good reason to discard something I hadn't used for three months, that sounds bonkers, or written by someone with money to burn.

  2. That sounds like a satisfying shopping session. I think that being a proper minimalist must be stressful, rather than soothing. I don't like too much clutter, but being surrounded by things that I love and having a stash of things that might come in useful does provide a bit of a security blanket.


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