A holiday planned!


We've booked a wee break!

We help out with our beautiful grandkids every day. The lad has a severe disability and needs 24/7 support, so to enable our daughter to work we step in. Every term time morning we are up at 6 and get to their house to prepare breakfast. Most days the kiddies are taken to school and we are off duty until 2.30. Then daughter collects them between 4 and 5.

Some days we do tea for them or a sleepover to give daughter respite. Her hubby works away. 

We often get tired.

Apart from visiting other family, we haven't had a break for 3 years.

And finally we have booked a break.

I'll blog more about it, but for now I'll tell you it's a cheapish break, self-catering and not too far from home. We are also taking our two hounds with us.

I'm very excited.



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