A new lamp

 We decided a few weeks ago that we would like a lamp for our lounge/seating area.  It's where we sit in the evening. We watch TV or listen to music or read in this area.

We have a ceiling light that has three bulbs, is nice and bright and is in the centre of that area.

When we thought about saving pennies we chatted about fewer bulbs and a cosier feeling - so decided to buy a lamp.

Where would you look for a small electric item like a side lamp? 

NEXT? M&S? Habitat?

We dropped into Hugs for Henry, a local charity shop that has electrical goods and furniture.

We looked at their lamps and found one that has a base and stem that matches our decor beautifully - not too fussy, no overly decorative details.

It had a signed and dated certificate that showed it had been tested for electrical safety.

It had an LED lamp.

The shade is plain.

And the best bit?

It was £3.

I'm very happy with our lamp and the light we get from it.

I'm typing this taking a break from my hand sewing - I'm finishing the top of my hexagon-pattern patchwork quilt. My challenge is to have this completed for the winter.

Man Wonderful is planning to insulate the loft tomorrow so is buying the fluff today.

It's an expensive purchase but we have a voucher for 50% off. And it will help to keep us warmer this year.

What are you doing to plan saving money this winter?

FM xx


  1. I didn't buy electrical stuff from the charity shop for years, but the last few lamps I've bought are from there. The shop I volunteered at is not cheap but I managed to get a pair of ceramic tables lamps for £10 and a floor lamp for £15. They're just what I wanted, so even though not bargain basement price they're ideal for my needs.


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