Composting your poo

 Oh, I love using a title to catch your attention or brighten your day!

I am going to write about composting today - and I am actually going to write a bit about poo.

Compost and poo.

Composting veg and fruit and garden waste is super and what we do.

In the kitchen, when I'm prepping food, I use two receptacles - both plastic tubs. One tips into my freezer bag (that is building up with veg scraps ready for soups) and the other tips into the compost bin in our garden.

We also put shredded newspaper into the compost, and occasionally Man Wonderful will have a pee in the compost bin (if he's caught short while we are gardening...!).

I bought a pack of compost bin worms about three years ago, and they seem to be doing a great job and we have wonderfully rich soily compost at the bottom flap of our container.  The flap enables me to get the compost out to use, while the rest is still comping. 

Now then.


When we used to have our bigger house,  I had a beautiful lean-to greenhouse and a small shed. In the shed I had a large tub of sawdust.  I used this as a toilet when we were outdoors - for number 1 and number 2.  The sawdust was then sprinkled over.

I learned this technique at an earth-friendly festival, when I asked the chap in charge what was going to happen with the contents of the composting loos.

He told me that wee and poo can be composted this way.  The sawdust is used just to stop the smell.

Over a couple of years we successfully made a type of compost this way.  I used it only for non-edible plants: just in case!

I hope you enjoyed reading this!



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