A Special Dinner

 Tonight we were scheduled to have a Stir-fry (we like to use up any veg left over, as our veg box comes tomorrow morning), but we have very little veg left. I have some batch meals in the freezer, but fancy a special dinner. 

We're not going out or having a take-out, but I'm going to make a different dinner to use up some fridge things.  

So this is what I have in my fridge to use:

. Potatoes

. Onions

. Cheese (dairy free)

I'm going to make a potato gratin with these ingredients. 

First I peel and steam some potatoes. Then I cut these spuds into slices roughly a cm thick. 

I make a (dairy free) cheese sauce, and put half in a roasting dish, layer in the potato slices and then cover with the rest of the sauce. 

Now, searching in the fridge for anything else to use up: I have some fresh chillies. Hmm..I'm going to put these in the freezer. And I have some veggie sausages in the freezer..so I'll put these in the oven to roast too. 

It's a special dinner that doesn't cost me anything additional. 

That's a good feeling.



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